Chancery Trademarks: trade mark consultancy services

As international consultants specialising in the research, registration and protection of trade marks and designs, Chancery Trade Marks are uniquely qualified to advise on all aspects of this vital process.

Trade marks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Yours may be little more than a word, or it could be a strapline or logo. Be it flashy or functional, elegant or austere, three things are clear. Your trade mark should be instantly recognisable, effectively registered and jealously guarded. Here, as elsewhere, leaving things to chance can often prove fatal. That's why right from the outset it pays to have the benefit of professional advice.

You can trust Chancery Trade Marks to handle them with all the care they deserve. Whatever the current size or stature of your organisation, we'll help you make your mark. Please complete the enquiry form or contact us direct to obtain an estimate of current charges. Alternatively, feel free to complete and send the enquiry form and we will be pleased to send you further details.